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Silicon Valley Times: Now, More Than Ever, These Automation Techniques Are Driving the Storage Industry

A version of this article was published in the Silicon Valley Times featuring McMurray Stern.

“Evolving alongside technology, McMurray Stern has implemented new automation techniques that effectively increase the speed and efficiency of storage, putting businesses who harness any of these techniques at an advantage.

McMurray Stern is a leading storage solutions provider that helps customers in all industries to make the most out of the space that they have, utilizing automation techniques to achieve this goal.

One of the ways that McMurray Stern uses automation techniques to improve efficiency in clients’ businesses is through micro-fulfillment solutions. These various solutions are geared to improve convenience, speed, and accuracy for customers through quicker delivery options.

One micro-fulfillment solution provided by McMurray Stern is the Vertical Lift Module, or VLM, which utilizes a compact design to store many items while taking up minimal floor space. This automated storing machine is easy to operate and has helped many retail and grocery companies to easily store a multitude of products efficiently.

Another technologically advanced micro-fulfillment solution offered by McMurray Stern is the HAIPICK robot, which automatically retrieves items from warehouse storage and replaces a large sum of manual labor. This intelligent robot can effectively navigate on its own and avoid collisions, making it a vital tool in any warehouse setting.”

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